Ladushki, ladushka

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Ladushki, ladushka In provided families there were nurses, governesses, governesses and tutors, madam and monsieur on Pushkin Eugene Onegin.

In simple families there were many children, and seniors brought up younger, nursed them, went behind them.

And, above all grandmothers, grandfathers!

Once upon a time there were grandfather yes the woman they also lifted kids.

Ladushki, ladushka where were?

at the grandmother.

All family the turnip was pulled, to a mouse inclusive, but the father and the mother even were not called as if they are not present.

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After all now to draw

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After all now to draw When at you or your child the mood deteriorates and you will want to feel that you really love, bring a love envelope to someone from family members in order that that drew your intimate desire from there and right there executed it.

Besides it is a magnificent way to get rid of the problems connected with undesirable behavior of children.

After all now to draw to itself attention, the child does not need to behave badly.

It can simply bring you the envelope and receive desired love adequately.

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To raise

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To raise To exclaim surprise with pronouncing a sound at Oauauauau!


A goat in a kitchen garden.

To represent a cunning goat who decided to regale on cabbage.

To show how the hostess became angry about a goat.

To represent a terrible garden scarecrow, to show how the crow were frightened of it.

Exercises for lips Angry watchmen.

The hostess left an angry dog to guard a kitchen garden.

To raise an upper lip.

To show only upper teeth.

To say sound combinations avavavav.

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But any person, the father, mother

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But any person, the father, mother It is right, it is useful to remember it.

But, too having believed in it, we lower hands: if brings up everything, what I can do with the child?

I, the tutor, am helpless.

We not on the lonely island raise children; everything influences them.

But any person, the father, mother or someone from seniors, can have such strong spiritual impact which will move all other influences on the child.

If Wednesday rigidly defined results of education, would not remain on light of any kind and honest person long ago, and how many them?

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Here the list

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Here the list There are no correct or wrong feelings.

They simply exist, and nothing can be done with them.

The our contact with own feelings is weaker, the more persistently we try to disprove manifestation of any feelings at our children.

Here the list of caps for feelings in other words, that we sometimes do, suppressing expression of childrens emotions: we abuse, we quarrel or we reproach.

; we accuse; we reprimand; we call; we solve problems for our children; we give advice without any need; we punish; we teach, we read to morals; we humiliate with words and acts; we are sorry in any occasion; we deride; we use sarcasm; we assume overall responsibility; haughtily we treat them; we disprove their thoughts and acts; we belittle their abilities; we interrupt or we butt in their talk.

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In other

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In other In one cases we ignore crying of the child, doing it to even more helpless.

In other cases we do more, than from us it is required we bring it a toy.

The child should not give also hands to receive the desirable.

Why it is not necessary to arrive so?

Because if our task as parents consists in causing feeling of confidence in own forces in the kid, it is best of all for us to place this toy there, from where he can get it.

Our tender, patient arrangements and ability to track the child to learn that it can, and that cannot do yet, will lead to gradual increase in number of the attempts enclosed by our kid for satisfaction of own desires.

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