Slightly Display of position of bodies of an articulation by means of fingers of hands.

Fingers of the right hand densely to squeeze and give them the form of bucket it is our uvula.

Slightly to bend fingers of the left hand it as though our mouth, then to touch with fingers of the right hand it as though our uvula a junction of fingers with the right palm.

To pay attention to a gap between palms.

These shchelochka from both parties are necessary for an exit of an air stream.

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Serially Then fingers of both hands to collect the lost mushrooms.

FINGERS There are obediently fingers, Wellmannered boys.

Stand will not stir, Call will not respond.

Serially to unbend fingers of the right, then left hand, since the big.

Widely to place fingers in the parties, for some time to record them in this situation.

BEADS Were scattered at Lyusenka All small beads.

We will bring together them in a box, Lets put on a string.

To collect beads in a box.

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  • You want to go to play soccer?Go, and then together we will make lessons, I will help you.And with whom you play?Lets not stick especially with inquiries, but we will show interest, it is so necessary to the child.It is more difficult to resolve, than to forbid.Sometimes heart for fear for the son clenches, and resolve!Even in army where everything is constructed on orders, and that ask each other.Kutuzov at Tolstoy orders to the aidedecamp: My smart guy, go, look: It in battle, in a smoke and on fire!
  • I hope, mind will be enough for me and not to try.As it grew the selfregulating child, I hope that she will not fall in love with the improper guy, but for certain it is impossible to know it.I am sure that many undesirable communications in the basis are a protest against the parental power.My parents do not trust me, well and let.I will do that I want and if it is not pleasant to them, let will choke.You will be afraid, as if your daughter did not seduce, but girls, as a rule, do not tempt, they equal participants of mutual seduction.
  • I believe what exactly moral education does the child bad.I found out that when I destroy moral education which was received by the bad boy, he becomes the good boy.Perhaps, for moral education of adults there can also be some bases though I doubt it, however for cannot be moral education of children any justifications, it is psychologically incorrect.To ask the child disinterested to be incorrect.Any child the egoist, and the world belongs to it.
  • If you ask a question to group of children of kindergarten: Who from you believes, what will be able to become the wellknown doctor, the scientist or the president?, almost all hands will quickly and surely shoot up up.But you ask the same group of teenagers, and already less than a half of them will raise hands.Here and most of adults very long time ago forgot about the childrens dreams.What has happened?That the soul flame put out in us?
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