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Serially Then fingers of both hands to collect the lost mushrooms.

FINGERS There are obediently fingers, Wellmannered boys.

Stand will not stir, Call will not respond.

Serially to unbend fingers of the right, then left hand, since the big.

Widely to place fingers in the parties, for some time to record them in this situation.

BEADS Were scattered at Lyusenka All small beads.

We will bring together them in a box, Lets put on a string.

To collect beads in a box.

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Sounds sh can be base

Sounds sh can be base Other type of exercises is directed on elaboration of vibration of language.

Sounds sh can be base for statement of a sound r.

It is necessary to suggest the child to open a mouth, but without rounding of lips, and to say lingeringly a sound, having moved a first line of language a little forward to gums of upper teeth.

It is important thus that the received sound was said with a sufficient pressure of the exhaled air, at the minimum crack between a first line of language and gums.

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When a week

When a week And still gave me tablets from which there was a wish to sleep all the time.

When a week later for me there arrived mother, I could not remember, what is the time carried out in infirmary.

As soon as I recovered from an illness, mother and the father went to doctor Stein, the childrens psychiatrist who was recommended to them by the pediatrician observing me from infancy.

Here that mother after visit to the doctor wrote: Dear doctor Stein!

Has to admit that after consultation I came back home upset upset not with your assumptions of the reasons of deviations at Templ, and that fieriness which was shown by my husband at the end of our meeting.

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When I see that

When I see that Mother: I want to consult to you as it is better for me to arrive.

I noticed, what recently began to shout often at you, and, probably, most it is unpleasant to you to listen to sharp remarks in the address?

Sue: Yes.

Mother: You, probably, understand that my sharp tone in conversation with you has the bases.

When I see that the garbage can is not taken out some days, it seems to me that all housework lies only on my shoulders.

How you think, what I can undertake in this regard?

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Notice how drew

Notice how drew Beth starts roaring even more strongly, to writhe, allegedly from pain while mother examines her foot.

Mother strong embraces her and speaks: Now mother will carry you on handles, will wash out to you a wound and will impose on it bandage.

Notice how drew a lot of attention of Beth to itself with the scratch.

Mother is too kind if she and reacts further so tremblingly even to trifling problems of the daughter, Beth for a long time will acquire that special attention to it will pay when it is sick with it.

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