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Except a chistogovorok

Except a chistogovorok Rarara, it is glad to snow children.

Except a chistogovorok for assimilation by children of skill of word change also offers are used.

Offers are said by the logopedist, and the child supplements them with separate words.

Such tasks are offered: Add the offer, What word is not enough?

, Prompt a proper word, etc.

Answering questions: Whom or what you see?

Near whom there is an elephant calf?

Near what there is a table?

To whom does Zoya give a grass?

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They believe

They believe They believe that by means of god or a big stick it is possible to compel the child to make the decision to be good and if he refuses to make it, then they will take care of that it properly suffered for the obstinacy.

Somewhat in the spirit of old school everything is embodied that, for what the discipline stands up.

Recently the director of one big mens school when I asked him, what boys at it, answered: Such that leave school both without ideas, and without ideals.

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To show how the tree

To show how the tree Summer.

The bear regales on raspberry and catches fish.

Bear cubs and bees.

Bear cubs looked for honey, amicably a tree swung.

To show how the tree is shaken.

To represent as the bear climbs on him, starts a paw in a beehive, eats sweet honey, expressing pleasure.

Bees attack and sting a bear, to him is sick.

To show how the bear waves away, runs, and then jumps in water.

To represent: you feel sorry for a bear.

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From the high

From the high Lets strive for harmony whatever mysterious this word meant, we will hold it before the spiritual look and children from it will become better.

The closer to the lower spheres, to life, the it is more difficult for life to fulfill requirements.

But the above we rise on spirit steps, the easier and more strongly the child acquires laws of people.

From the high sprouts also everyday, it contains in the high.

But from everyday the high is not born.

If we do not give to the child of spiritual food if we hold him only on the everyday: make, descend, sweep, it will need considerable efforts to develop the spirit.

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The child

The child To the child the spirit has to be transmitted, has to condescend on it if to speak ancient language.

The child has to be dawned spirit.

It is allocated with spirituality.

It is brought up as a spiritual being.

Therefore people also need education.

But education not transformation of the child into the copy of the father or mother, but transfer of human spirit, human essence, human aspiration to create the truth, good and beauty on the earth to it.

Well, it is time to be risen to the most intriguing pedagogics question as appears how the spirit in the child develops?

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Imagine! But whether

Imagine! But whether Imagine: I here one, Anybody does not understand me, My mind is exhausted, And silently has to perish in, Tatyana writes Onegina.


But whether he will manage to imagine?

The person without imagination the kind cannot be, and the person with the developed inquisitiveness without imagination almost for certain will be angry: it is clever as the demon, and is angry awfully.

How development of the child will go?

It depends by nature his requirements and on development of talents, on inquisitiveness and imagination, on what of two gifts will be stronger, and how we, adults, direct inquisitiveness and imagination of the child in their source when we still can affect them.

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The person

The person Usually those who recognizes as a world basis deception, feel like wise, skilled people, and supporters of an opposite view treat at best indulgently, including them little fools, if not fools.

The person professing belief in a world obmannost can reach much: it always on guards, and really it is difficult to carry out it it spins, it is more active, as the person in a hostile environment.

But at all such people, without uniform exception, bad children bad even in relation to parents turn out.

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