If the child

If the child Attachment to the car, the second attachment to the person will become the first step.

This first step is important as the machine, unlike the person, gives in to control of the child.

If the child does himself physical harm, it, of course, it is necessary to stop.

But other types of fixings not always need eradication.

Sometimes it is possible to come into contact with the child with their help, as in case of Jake.

It is quite possible to turn negative action into the positive.

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We maintained

We maintained It will seem by miracle, but the miracle is not present simply we for a week descended from a false way of education and steel on true, and the effect was not slow to affect.

We maintained only one week honor and dignity of the child, protected honor in his eyes and the child rose.

In our relations there was a truth.

And in national pedagogics there lives the belief the person behaves depending on what his idea of himself: Speak to the person pig, pig, he also zakhryukat.

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Speak more

Speak more Be not the dirty creature, children of dirty creatures do not love, be not also the neatnik, children do not love also neatniks.

Speak more often: lets be on friendly terms, lets play, lets be found, give together home we will go.

Also be not exposed!

You are not best of all, you are not most worse, you are my darling.

Go to school, and let it to you will be in pleasure, and I will wait and think of you.

Cross the road attentively, do not hurry!

I postponed the handle because from a corridor desperate Matveev shout that such was distributed?

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Lu lulu, Lola

Lu lulu, Lola The scrapscrapscrap, sits the father for table.

Lu lulu, Lola approached to table.

Pick up to the word couple part of a body.

A cat moustaches, to a seal flippers, a trunk to an elephant.

Pair subjects.

What to whom?

To the photographer camera, to the pupil the handle, a notebook, a pencil, the dressmaker needle etc.

Pick up a proper word.

At a cow on the head is horns.

At a horse is not present horns.

Words rhymes.

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I the first

I the first I the first got up in a system!

Then he began to tell the approximately following: My father bought the new car.

And our house is more than yours!

That only Justin did not do to pay attention to the exclusiveness!

When the child starts behaving so, there comes the right moment to reorient his behavior.

After all he already understood that behaves senselessly and itself tries to find new ways of selfdetermination in relationship with people around.

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This book

This book One parents would like to make sure that they bring up correctly, others feel the inability, imperfection and ask about the help, the third are lost at all, despair: I do not know that with mine and to do, absolutely got out of hand.

This book just is also intended for imperfect parents and even minor, that is future parents.

It is useful for young people who only should establish a family to get acquainted with pedagogics a bit earlier.

In education everything begins in the childhood, it is right, but in whose?

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The motive

The motive Lets look that happens to that child who chooses such type of behavior.

The motive system of the child at this age is already Quite developed.

Despite the slowness, for it already almost there are no those places where it could not reach.

In two years he owns the speech already best of all.

Thanks to these to the found freedoms the child tries to be more selfgoverned.

If we remember that it is its physical achievements, it will be easier for us to show the tolerance to the kid, than to assume that he intentionally tries to discompose us.

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